The foundation for today’s discussion is premised on the fact that you already have an idea of where your life is headed, and even if you don’t have the full picture yet, I want to believe you know what you want in life, because It would be a disaster to get engaged to guy who doesn’t know where he is headed. It’s like asking a blind man to lead you; you’ll both end up in the pit in no time.
So how do you attract the right man for you? That’s pretty easy; go into your closet and pick out a really fitted top that makes what Mama gave you pop, a pair of bum shorts, stiletto heels, big earrings, a sexy hair do, and of course your red lipstick, and trust me you’ll have tons of men on your heels.
You know I am kidding right?
Anyone can attract a man, but it takes much more to attract the right man. It all depends on your preference whether to go for any man or ‘The Man’.
What’s your idea of ‘the’ man for you? Tall, dark and handsome with some money in his pocket?
We ladies are usually tempted to look out for the wrong things when thinking of a life partner. I remember when I was younger, I wanted to date a guy that when he entered a room, everything and everyone stopped. Sounds like you right. Every lady wants a handsome guy.
A handsome guy doesn’t necessarily make a good husband or dad. A rich guy may not esteem you as you would want him to. A tall guy? who knows, could be the terror of the family. If he treats you nicely but have character flaws, you are in for big trouble.
Do not let the way a guy looks, the car he drives, the money he doles out, or the way he treats you make you take off your thinking caps. What are your values? What are the things that really matter to you?
I have seen ladies who sacrificed their values, desires and aspirations in the bid to keep a guy. When you do this, you are robbing yourself of love, robbing yourself of your life, and murdering your future. Such women, though pretty and happy on the outside are never fulfilled. They usually cry at night and wish they had focused on things that really mattered to them.
So let me ask you a few questions:
What are the qualities you want to see in your man? What values would you want to uphold in your budding relationship? I’ll advise you pick up your journal and write them out.
My mum once helped me with this by asking me to write out 10 things I wanted to see in ‘The Man’, and thank God I did because it helped me in making a decision I have no regrets about.
If you are making this list, it’s usually better to do so before the guys start to come, because at this point, there’s no one on the scene so your thoughts are not clouded. But when the guys start to come, and you do not know or have what to look out for, you may end up picking the right guy based on your emotions.
Focus on the things that matter.
I would like to stop here for now. Thank you for joining us on today’s chat. We’ll continue same time next week as we go further on today’s topic.
Have a great weekend.