Every relationship has the potential to be fun, strong and last the test of time depending on the investments accrued to it.
There are high and low times in every relationship. There are times when couples are into each other, and all they can think about is each other; no third party. 
I remember when my spouse and I were dating, we saw each other for at least 5 days a week without getting tired; we loved each other’s company, and always looked forward to the next day. We exchanged cards, letters, text messages, gifts, and though we both worked, we found ways to call and chat into the night (thanks to NITEL).
We’ve been married now for a few years and I can say that things are not the same; we are older and have so many responsibilities to attend to, and if care is not taken, and we allow the pressures overwhelm us, the relationship we once cherished may suffer harm.
What am I saying in essence? When we allow everyday necessities to get in our way, there is the tendency for a partner to feel neglected. And although the ‘busyness’ may be for the right cause, we all need to learn to carry our spouses along and make them know that they are still priority. In other words, their emotional tank must always be full.
Just like every car thrives on a full tank, and goes wherever it wants to as long as there’s fuel in it, the same goes for every marital relationship. When your emotional tank is full, you are high. It can be likened to a child who has just received a tub of Coldstone Ice Cream or gourmet popcorn, you have made his or her day, and he or she will do anything you bid them to do.
Each of us has an account with our spouses that we draw upon emotionally. If I compliment my spouse or do something that I know he loves, I’m making a deposit in his emotional bank account. However, when I do something awful and aggravating, then I’m making a withdrawal. The wisdom behind it is to make more deposits than withdrawals. The more deposits you make, the happier your spouse, and the more withdrawals you make, the crankier he or she gets. 
For us to develop and improve on our relationship, each must do their best to outdo each other; it takes care of the ‘me first’ syndrome because what both partners are after is putting each other first.
When you make deposits, you build a strong relationship. When you make withdrawals without giving back, you build a weak relationship.When you make withdrawals on an empty account, what you get is a damaged relationship.
So how are you doing currently? Are you running on empty?
Let’s share a few tips on what to do to fill up your tank
Put your spouse first
Be mindful of what he or she likes and do them often
Respect your spouse
Turn off your devices and listen
Watch TV together
Buy an occasional gift
Help with house chores
Surprise him/her by ordering lunch and sending it to his/her office.
Change your lingerie
Compliment your spouse or partner
Show affection in public  
Exchange text messages during the day
Lastly, any last thing you can think about. 
Be creative. Try any of these  out and let’s know it’s impact on your relationship.
Until next time, have a great week ahead.